I want to Ride my bike

Adventures in Tahoe and beyond


The race season starts early in California and so it seems inevitable that excitement wanes and people start experiencing burnout in August and September.  The daylight hours are rapidly decreasing and the temperature begins to become a little more comfortable as the need for heat training subsides.  Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day have come and gone but summer and road racing are not over yet!

My friends mean well when they send emails with links to good deals on used skis and other gear.  Depending on who you ask, this winter might bring conditions ranging anywhere from “really dry” to 269% of normal snow-pack.  In December, when I wake up to 3 or 4 feet of fresh snow, I will ski (after weights and trainer/rollers, of course) but let’s not jump the gun and give in to those predictions or those pumpkin flavored treats that have started popping up everywhere.

For now, I’m still stoked on riding my bike- outdoors.  I’m not conceding that summer is over until it really is.


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