I want to Ride my bike

Adventures in Tahoe and beyond


I am an east coast transplant who found myself  in Nevada by way of Florida, Australia, SE Asia, Colorado, and California.

The Road to Cycling:

An ex-Division 1 Rower hungry for a new sport, I decided to try triathlons during grad school in 2007.  Never one to be discouraged by a lack of equipment, I completed my first sprint triathlon on my mountain bike (on the road) while wearing a camelbak.  I purchased my first road bike and a pair of bike shorts in 2008 after deciding those items were necessary for the next triathlon.   Two triathlons later, I took off for an adventure abroad.   After 10 months outside of the US (and away from my bike)  I spent a summer in Almont, Colorado where I mountain biked and learned that I loved riding my road bike- without the swimming and the running.


Fast Forward to a move to California in November 2009.  I spent the winter learning how to ski and looking forward to bike season.  Settled and ready for the thrill of competition,  I entered and raced in my first criterium on Memorial Day May 2010.  Since then, I’ve been hooked.

Off the bike:

When not riding my bike, I enjoy back country skiing, nordic skiing, running, practicing yoga, traveling,  gardening, and wrangling our backyard chickens.  Oh, and I run my own Immigration Law practice.


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