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Off Season!

By mid-September, I was ready to wrap up my road racing season.  After the Folsom Omnium, I decided to take a little break. What do cyclists do during off-season?  For a couple of weeks, I forgot about my bike and did that thing that cyclists DON’T do.  Yep, I went running.  Slowly.  It was really fun to spend time running with the husband and the dog until both got in running shape and decided I was to slow to join them. I was relegated to full-moon and night hikes with the family.


Found the Turkeys!


And a Christmas Tree on the side of the road

I cleaned out my car.  Cars can get kind of gross when you spend most weekends living out of them.  I did a lot of laundry and cleaning–also a function of the traveling every weekend.  I cooked labor intensive meals which took 2 to 3 hours to prepare but were really yummy.  I fasted for three days.  I ate “gluten free” for two weeks.  I ate too many pumpkin flavored things. I meditated.  I found a new yoga studio and started going to classes.  I did work outs that took less than 2 hours and sometimes less than 1 hour. It was awesome.

One of my favorite off-season/winter training activities is lifting weights.  I jumped back into lifting weights–big thighs and all– with enthusiasm and zeal.  At some point, I jumped back on the bike. This year, we actually had a (dry) fall season with amazing leaf colors and very little snow.  I rode outside as much as possible.







I’ve wanted to update my blog for a couple of months now.  It seems that every time I think I have something intriguing to write about, someone else had already written about it.  The obvious themes include cold weather, off-season, winter training, and making fun of cyclists.

One of my favorite things about living in the mountains is watching the weather roll in and roll out.  While I continue to reflect and muster up more creativity, here are some recent weather photos:






Planning and Execution – A Sierra Nevada Hill Climb Series Complete

There’s something inherently masochistic about waking up before 5am on a Sunday morning for the sole purpose of riding a bike uphill as fast as you can for over an hour. But, that love for working hard is what keeps a cyclist coming back for more. No matter how many times I think that I don’t have anything left and I promises my legs that I won’t ever make them work this hard again, I keep racing.

Before the hill climb, there was a scent of “let’s get this suffer-fest over with” in the air. While not as steep as the previous climbs, this one was by far the longest – 3715 feet gained over 13.7 miles to be exact.  The race directors brilliantly planned the series so that competitors had to race in 3 out of the 4 events, including the last one:  Mt. Rose from Reno.

A little head wind in the last 2 kilometers inspired this face:

Home stretch of Mt. Rose 8.7.11. Photo Credit - Jon Pettengill

I decided to compete in each of the 4 races in the series back when there was still snow on the ground.  Now, even at the summit  elevation of 8900 feet, I’m sweating. Having finished each of the 4 hill climbs, I feel like I have successfully executed the plan. It’s been fun racing with the same group of Reno/Tahoe/Truckee locals since May and watching a few pros swoop in and set new course records.

Thanks Reno Wheelmen for a great Hill Climb Series!

2011 SNHC Women's Open Division - 1st Place Overall Series

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