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Off Season!

By mid-September, I was ready to wrap up my road racing season.  After the Folsom Omnium, I decided to take a little break. What do cyclists do during off-season?  For a couple of weeks, I forgot about my bike and did that thing that cyclists DON’T do.  Yep, I went running.  Slowly.  It was really fun to spend time running with the husband and the dog until both got in running shape and decided I was to slow to join them. I was relegated to full-moon and night hikes with the family.


Found the Turkeys!


And a Christmas Tree on the side of the road

I cleaned out my car.  Cars can get kind of gross when you spend most weekends living out of them.  I did a lot of laundry and cleaning–also a function of the traveling every weekend.  I cooked labor intensive meals which took 2 to 3 hours to prepare but were really yummy.  I fasted for three days.  I ate “gluten free” for two weeks.  I ate too many pumpkin flavored things. I meditated.  I found a new yoga studio and started going to classes.  I did work outs that took less than 2 hours and sometimes less than 1 hour. It was awesome.

One of my favorite off-season/winter training activities is lifting weights.  I jumped back into lifting weights–big thighs and all– with enthusiasm and zeal.  At some point, I jumped back on the bike. This year, we actually had a (dry) fall season with amazing leaf colors and very little snow.  I rode outside as much as possible.






Scenes while Riding in the Foothills

One of my favorite things about riding around here is that there is never hectic traffic or any traffic really. Some might think that makes for boring rides, but for me it means that I get to zone out and really focus on my workout instead of worrying about traffic, stop lights, route finding, stop signs, finding an appropriate restroom in the city, etc.

Another thing I like is that I always seem to notice something I haven’t seen before even on my favorite training loops. While it’s not uncommon for skis to be part of landscapes/ junk shows in this area, typically there’s no boot attached to the ski. So I’m not sure if that ski + boot was a public service reminder to scrape the storage wax off of skis as the season quickly approaches or if it was an offering to the ski gods in hopes of epic snowfall. Either way, that was the scene yesterday during my ride.

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